PLC and Integrated SCADA

PLC and integrated SCADA

At QSI our priorities are to ensure that the software developed is of the highest standard, always utilizing best practice for the appropriate system, This requires high levels of training for our staff, and ensuring that the correct versions of the programming software are always available for any project.

We ensure that all software developed is optimized for performance, ease of maintenance and operability. Our experience with DCS systems has allowed us to develop standards for code development, that allows for the development of modular software ideal for most PLC projects.

PLC Systems

  • Siemens S5, S7
  • Allen Bradley PLC5 and SLC
  • Rockwell Control Logix
  • Beckhof Soft PLC & remote I/O System
  • Omron PLCs
  • Mitsubishi FX PLCs

SCADA & MIS Systems

  • Intouch Factorysuite
  • Intellution Fix32 & Ifix SCADA
  • RSView
  • WinCC



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