DCS and Process Control Systems

DCS systems are mainly used on process sites, where the processes are continually modified, and adapted, or on very large-scale plants, such as Oil refineries or power stations.
QSI Group have experience with a number of the major DCS systems available in the market place today and can offer the following services:

  • Fast Track DCS projects (Including Flexible Batch Systems) for the Chemical, Power and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Systems Integration projects, including the development of bespoke communication interfaces to allow the integration of third party equipment into any DCS system.
  • System consultancy on DCS specification and installation
  • DCS Configuration Services
  • DCS/Computer Control Systems Support and Maintenance contracts, tailored to meet client requirements.

Systems with which we have detailed knowledge and experience include:

  • Siemens PCS7
  • Emerson DeltaV
  • Honeywell TDC 3000
  • Moore APACS
  • ABB System Six

Distributed Control systems (DCS) offer a highly integrated solution for an automation project. Generally with DCS systems the user is presented with a single centralised database in which a single object has attributes associated with both control and also the user interface.




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